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How a Reminder Saved (far more than) a Day!

March 26, 2019

Here is a story  about a reminder app:

“NR or Natural Reminders is an app that accepts spoken inputs and provides spoken outputs. You load NR on your smartphone, speak (slowly) the tasks you have to do and the app records these. The app will then automatically remind you in spoken words about each task in time for you to act upon it.

“A friend of mine explained all these to me. He suggested that I download Natural Reminders from Google Play store, install it and try it for a few days. I did it simply to oblige him though I didn’t see any big benefit.

“I have been using all kinds of reminders from rough lists on scraps of paper to project management software. Despite these, I continued to forget some tasks. And the paper list and sophisticated software reminded me about these mostly when it was too late. I didn’t expect NR to be any different.

“That was until I felt my smartphone vibrate in my pocket.  On taking out the phone, I found a reminder to check my travel documents. I was relaxing on my way to the Changi Airport at Singapore to board a transatlantic flight to Los Angeles. I was certain I had put everything in my travel case; but just to make sure, I opened it. To find that only the tickets were there!

“We were almost half way to the airport and I checked the time to find I had just time to return home, get my passport and visa and reach the airport barely in time before the check in closes. The taxi driver was far from pleased to get the instructions in the heavy traffic.

“I still shudder to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t felt the NR in my pocket vibrate to remind me! Without the passport and visa, I would not have been able to get on board the flight, and be at the appointment with a top prospect (that particular prospect became a major client of ours). We simply could not have persuaded the prospect to fix another date for the meeting!

“Incidentally, one of the first things I did after getting that particular order was to phone my friend and thank him profusely for getting me to use NR! Both of us are advocates of NR these days!

“The major thing with NR is its ease of use and its automated reminder system. The reminder is always with you, probably in your pocket or bag. And if you don’t want voice reminders (say while at a company meeting) you can set it to non-voice mode – vibration or text reminder mode). You can also set it to remind you sufficiently in advance between 1 – 9 hours before leave home to set off for an international flight.”

Why not download NR from Google Play store  or Apple app store?

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