NR – Natural Reminders

Natural Reminders is a different kind of task reminder app that mimics the way our brains set and remember tasks, and then reminds us about these just in time (or in advance). And you can set the task  speaking slowly to the app if you have a good Internet connection. It can even speak back to you about the task when it’s time to remind you!

It is simple to use:

  • Tap a circular button in the row at the top to select the day you want to schedule a task within the next 7 days (the current day is the default day)
  • Tap on one of the buttons marked 1-16 main screen
  • Tap on the microphone icon and describe the task by speaking to NR; or, if you want privacy, type the task description in the task field
  • Tap in the time field and set the time the task is due, or tap on the microphone icon and set the time by speaking to NR
  • Tap in the fixed reminder field to choose to be reminded of the task between 5-30 minutes before the task is due, or tap in the pop-up pre-reminder field to choose to be reminded 1-9 hours before the task is due. You can also schedule multiple reminders within the repeated reminders field

Press the save button

  • To add another task, repeat the same process but choose another blank numbered button from the 1-16 buttons on the home screen
  • NR will provide a voice reminder at both the task due time, or in advance if fixed or pre-reminders were set. If you prefer privacy return to the home screen and select ‘disable sound’ from the menu button. NR will then do the reminding only through vibration and notifications text.

Additional Information

NR can be used to remind up to 7-Days at a time on an ongoing-basis, week-in / week-out.

  • When you add a task to a slot (numbered button), its colour changes to red, orange, or green. The colours have psychological significance. For some people red signify urgency. For other people it is green has priority. Switch the “urgency” colours (using the menu) to suit your preference
  • Slots with no tasks set for them remain blank
  • When the due time for a task passes, the task moves to an “Overdue” list which can be accessed from the home screen
  • You will continue to receive reminders for your overdue tasks until you mark it as Done, Forgotten, Outdated, or Cancelled
  • Tapping the red buttons: Done, Forgotten, Outdated, or Cancelled – permanently deletes that task and its reminders from NR and from the device
  • Tapping the menu button on the home screen provides access to additional functions and options
  • Tasks are stored on the user’s device only. NR does NOT collect the content of any tasks set up by users. These remain exclusively on the user’s own device and will be PERMANENTLY deleted whenever the user taps any of the four buttons: Done, Forgot, Outdated, or Cancelled.

Video Tutorials

My-Memory Service

We mentioned above that all data remains on the users own device. While this ensures privacy, it does not allow automatic analysis of the data to find out whether your memory is improving. If you would like to find out how your memory is performing, you can register for the My-Memory functionality at for a small fee.

Upon registering for the My-Memory functionality reminder data will be stored on NR servers and analysed statistically. In that case,  you can see how your memory for tasks is performing or changing over time.  This is because NR can analyse completion or non-completion of all tasks and can produce graphs of each user’s performance over time.


When you click one of the four buttons – Forgot, Done, Outdated, Canceled – it does not merely delete the task but along with the Forgot-Reschedule and Remember-Reschedule buttons, also tells us something about the fate or outcome of tasks. This can help our research and, in time, help us understand better how and why we remember and forget tasks. Unlike the controlled experiments in a lab, these are real life data that  could help us understand better how NR can be used to support everyday memory

EP and SP memory research buttons

EP stands for Environmental Pop-up.  SP stands for Spontaneous pop-up.  The EP and SP buttons are unique and solely for research, for users who wish to help further our research on memory and opt in.   We are inviting users to press EP whenever they see or hear something in their natural environment that reminds them to do a task (it doesn’t matter if the task is in NR or not).  For example:

  • EP – if you planned to post a letter and someone mentioned the word ‘postman’ or you saw a post box – and that reminded you to complete the task (whether you had scheduled it into NR or not), then please access the NR app and TAP the EP button.  You can tap EP more than once for same task; whenever you see, hear, smell, taste or touch something that reminds you of that task. Tapping the EP tells us that something or someone in your environment triggered your memory that you still need/want to do that task.
  • SP – if nothing or no one triggered that memory and you just remembered on your own out-of-the-blue that you still want/need complete a this task, then please access the NR app and TAP the SP button.   You can tap SP more than once for the same task. Tapping the SP button tells us you just spontaneously remembered this task on your own – without being triggered by the environment.

We are trying to understand more about how EP and SP works in real life and your support – by tapping these buttons your environment and/or your own mind triggers your memory; will help us understand this better.



The standard NR app and its data remain on your smartphone with no access to anybody. Once you delete the data, it is gone for ever. While this is good for privacy, it prevents analysis that could help monitor your memory performance and any improvements in it. If you would like to do such monitoring and try to improve your task memory, you can register for the My-Memory functionality paying a small fee.


If you register for the My-Memory functionality,  your data get uploaded to our servers. If you use the “research” buttons – Forgot, Done, Outdated, Canceled / Forgot-Reschedule and Remember-Reschedule / EP and SP – your memory performance can be analysed in meaningful ways. The analysis can reveal whether your task memory is improving and you yourself, your family, doctor and care-givers can check progress via the web and get detailed results.

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