NR: A Different Kind of Task Reminder

Forgetting Simple Daily Tasks can Have BIG Impact!

Think of what could happen if you forget to:
* Lock the back door/window, turn-off the cooker or bath tap or iron before leaving home
* Got to the airport without your passport
* Forgot to pass that vital message to your colleague or boss!

There are many reasons that lead to such forgetfulness.

Busy work load/too many things to do

Work or Family Related Stress

The normal effects of ageing

Medical issues that affect memory such as dementia or a head injury

Difficulty to focus or concentrate

Remember Tasks with Natural Reminders

Using NR is easy: Click a button, enter the task and the time to do it. And how you want to be reminded about the task.


Click a Button

Select one of the sixteen buttons to start entering the task and the time to do it. Don't worry about the bottom buttons such as SP and EP for now. These are advanced features for research purposes.


Enter the Task and the Time to do it (And set Optional Pre-Reminders)

Alternatively, you can speak to the app. Speak slowly the name of the task to be done, and the time to do it. NR would automatically schedule the tasks in time order.


Customize settings

You can customize a few things like whether you want to be reminded just in time about the task, or in advance. You can also customize the playback, to prevent it from announcing the task using voice if you want privacy.

Remember Tasks the Natural Way

NR, the Natural Reminders App, Imitates the way we Remember Tasks

The branch of psychology that studies the way we set and remember tasks is known as Prospective Memory or PM. NR's design is based on the principles of PM. By using NR regularly, you would be exercising your PM "muscles!" NR resides on a smartphone and you can set tasks as these pop up into your mind.

NR comes with an option to register for a My-Memory subscription web service. If you register, and use it regularly, you can measure your progress in remembering tasks. Exercising your PM muscles and checking your progress regularly should help you improve your PM and remember tasks the natural way!

NR Benefits and Features

Speak to the app, instead of Typing

If you have a good internet connection you can set the task and the time to do it by speaking to the app!
Avoid this option if you want privacy, as when you are in a public place

Spoken alerts to remind you about the tasks

The app will remind you about the tasks through spoken words. Again, you can set this off if you want privacy

Set reminder playbacks to be just in time, or in advance

You can set the reminder to remind you just in time for the task, or use NR’s powerful pop-up pre-minders to remind you sufficiently in advance if that is more appropriate.

Automatic scheduling in time order

The tasks you have set will be automatically ordered in the order of the times you have set for these.

Overdue tasks move automatically to an overdue list

On expiry of the time set for a task, the task moves automatically to an Overdue list, making space for entering a new task on the main screen.

Replay of overdue tasks

You can customize the reminders for tasks that are overdue and until you mark them as completed (or cancelled).

Repeat for regularly occurring tasks

For hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, 3-monthly, 6, monthly & 12-monthly tasks

Random repeat for no-fixed-time tasks

Prevents against ‘weak-spot’ forgetting: those things we do not have fixed time to do but can anytime (this afternoon, after work, before going to bed, and so on.

When a task pops into your mind...

Select any vacant button and enter the task, and set the time do it (using the built-in clock). Alternatively, you can set these by speaking to the app as mentioned earlier.

Review and Edit (if needed)

Click any button for which a task has been set, review the details and make any changes if needed.

That EP Button!

This is a research button! When something you see makes you remember a task touch this button in addition to setting the task using one of the main buttons.

And the SP Button!

Another research button If you remember the task spontaneously without any external trigger, tap this button after setting it.

Improve Your Natural Memory!


Register for the My-Memory service, use NR regularly, use those EP and SP buttons and soon you will begin to get a lot of insights into your own memory performance!

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