My-Memory Service

NR does not collect or store the content (voice notes / or written text) of user’s tasks/reminders. All data remains on the user’s own device. While this ensures privacy, it does not allow automatic analysis of whether your memory is improving. Each person will interact with NR differently in terms of which NR functions they access and how often. We use the way you interact with NR to produce statistical graphs of how your task memory is changing over time. This can be invaluable to anyone who wants to know how if their task memory is changing or improving over time. If this is of interest to you and you want to get maximum benefit out NR, then please use NR regularly, daily, as soon as you become aware that you want or need to a task in the future, and you can ‘safely’ stop whatever you doing for a few moments and enter tasks in NR. The more you use NR the more interactions you generate; then the more information how your task memory is working will be generated. Follow our simple mantra: ‘If it pops into your head, pop it into NR’.

If you would like to find out how your task memory is performing, then from your phone/tablet you can register for the My-Memory service from inside the NR menu for a small fee (see details below).

Upon registering for the My-Memory service the functions you access when using NR will generate statistic of your task memory performance over time.


When you click one of the four buttons – Forgot, Done, Outdated, Canceled – it does not merely delete the task but along with the Forgot-Reschedule and Remember-Reschedule buttons, also tells us something about the fate or outcome of tasks. This can help our research and, in time, help us understand better how and why we remember and forget tasks. Unlike the controlled experiments in a lab, these are real life data that  could help us understand better how NR can be used to support everyday memory

EP and SP memory research buttons

EP stands for Environmental Pop-up.  SP stands for Spontaneous pop-up.  The EP and SP buttons are unique and solely for research, for users who wish to help further our research on memory and opt in.   We are inviting users to press EP whenever they see or hear something in their natural environment that reminds them to do a task (it doesn’t matter if the task is in NR or not).  For example:

  • EP – if you planned to post a letter and someone mentioned the word ‘postman’ or you saw a post box – and that reminded you to complete the task (whether you had scheduled it into NR or not), then please access the NR app and TAP the EP button.  You can tap EP more than once for same task; whenever you see, hear, smell, taste or touch something that reminds you of that task. Tapping the EP tells us that something or someone in your environment triggered your memory that you still need/want to do that task.
  • SP – if nothing or no one triggered that memory and you just remembered on your own out-of-the-blue that you still want/need complete a this task, then please access the NR app and TAP the SP button.   You can tap SP more than once for the same task. Tapping the SP button tells us you just spontaneously remembered this task on your own – without being triggered by the environment.

We are trying to understand more about how EP and SP works in real life and your support – by tapping these buttons your environment and/or your own mind triggers your memory; will help us understand this better.


4 weeks of stats are always free!

Open Natural Reminders application and go to Menu.

Find there MY-MEMORY button and click it to access application.

Login using your Natural Reminders credentials.

Go to subscribe at the bottom of page

Select plan which best suits you

After a payment you are good to go!

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