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Add Reminders to NR – A Psychology-Based Task Reminder Application

May 19, 2018

How to Add Reminders to NR

You can Add Reminders either by Voice or a Text input.


Did you know?

NR design is based on decades of psychological insights into how people remember things.

You can also find out more about benefits of using NR and how to track your Memory Performance.

So let’s begin

First Open The Natural Reminders App

Step 1: Simply Tap one of the Buttons marked 1-16

Step 2: Tap On the Microphone Button to Add Task by Voice – Or type in a Task in the Task Field.


Let’s have a look at it closely.

Add Reminders


Optional: You can Press the Reminders Button to setup:

  1. Fix Pre-Reminder: To be reminded 5-30 minutes before the task is due
  2. Pop-Up Pre-Reminders: 1-9 Hours before the task is due.
  3. Repeated Reminders: Schedule Multiple Reminders

The Whole Process is Explained even further in the video Below:

What is NR – Natural Reminders

There are different and even more fancy reminder apps and task-managing apps.


NR is different.

NR is built as it is based on decades of psychological insights into how people remember things.

How NR Works for your Mind?

NR is using voice modality to trigger a memory.

It also uses your visual memory (as in ‘notifications’ and ‘displaying voice notes as text)

And, your touch memory too (when we type voice notes or set the time manually)

Add Reminders and Get Reminded by Voice

It doesn’t matter if you add reminders by text.

NR can still remind you by Voice.


Did you know that Getting Reminded by Voice can have an extra benefit on your brain/mind?


Because you are activating the hearing sense too!

The more of the senses we pay attention to – at the time of learning (encoding) or remembering (retrieval) an event or information; then the stronger that recall will be.


You can add these 6 daily reminders to have a more productive weeks

Natural Reminders (NR) Features

  • Voice activated task setting, and voice reminders about the tasks
  • Change the voice feature when you need privacy
  • Pre-reminders that can be set for 5 to 30 minutes in advance of due time, or, depending on the task, 1 to 9 hours in advance
  • Powerful popups that ensure you don’t overlook scheduled tasks
  • Whether the pre-reminder is set or not, you will be reminded of the task when it is due
  • Overdue tasks are moved to an overdue menu, and you are regularly reminded of these tasks until you mark them as DONE / FORGOTTEN / OUTDATED / CANCELLED
  • Incorporates features that improve your memory if you use the app on regular basis. You can even monitor this improvement by registering at My-Memory page of NR website
  • Users’ data is fully private; the schedule content is stored only on their devices, never on our servers. When the user marks a task as DONE etc, the content is gone even from the device, forever

So go ahead, Add Reminders to NR

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